clean piece

The winning entry for the competition of greenpiece.

topic: climate change conference in kodan is a chance to influence the climate changes. We proposed the iso-based language to spread the facts. The campaing consist until now from the inverse grafity (water-stream clining of dirty surface using stencils) at Prague art wall, beer mats and web banner. Project done in colaboration with Brano Matis.

here you can see more images from the Action Prague - realisation of the stencil. quite impressive:

dutch wafles

design for the wafle package.

the float of verbal information

the language of information design, ilustration... how to design ilustration for the wind, for light?

how it works see in the animation:

more pictures here

here u can find whole blog about this project

rubber ilustrations

I went to a shop and i found a spools of coloured rubber. Im obssesed by materials and i found this one very sexi...

some more rubber illustrations see here

PO = after

some people writes about pass... my friend asked me to write "PO" ("after") for her magazine...